[SFs] We’re not in Kansas anymore…

Recent story with Alana Ciel within Shadow’s Fall. Shadows Fall is a Modern BDSM Sim with a relaxed atmosphere.  There you will find the home of Shadows Fall BDSM Club and other  venues to explore the D/s lifestyle.  It is an Adult BDSM Sim.  Please Read the Rules before exploring.

Cat hair and dust clung to the fabric of his blazer as he exited the dim lighting of the Red Velvet Club. A puff of smoke billowed from his cigarette, as he puffed once then twice. A soft chuckle could be heard as he dusted the damn hair and what mustve been dust from his moderate cleaning of his establishment. He’d need find some women soon to take the stage, other the one girl that worked currently. His green gaze glanced about the quiet streets, a few car lights flashing by as he began his morning stroll. It helped clear his mind, settle his priorities. He rose his hand in thanks to a passing car as he crossed the street, scarf clutched to his neck briefly as a gust of wind blow. And be damned if that wind had a mind of it’s own, lifting the cig held loosely between his lips and blowing near a few street shops. “Damn it..” He cursed, finding the irreplaceable piece of nicotine smushed from the the feet of pedestrians. Glancing up, he panted his pants hoping he’d had a packet on him, and that’s when his attention caught sight of the woman. She stood before him in a shop’s window, an empty shop as it were.

Alana Ciel kicked another dust bunny away from the window, making a mental note to pick up a broom and some cleaning supplies for this place. The new shop was small, but it had been unoccupied for a long time and would need work to bring it up to par. She couldn’t wait to have the winter clothing line brought in but the timing wasn’t right just yet. Looking up, out the window at the Christmas lights, something else caught her eye, or someone rather. A man seemed to be searching for something in his coat, his wallet perhaps. His looks were striking, even from this distance… maybe it was the fedora and jeans combo. She liked that. One step to the left placed her strategically behind the door frame of the shop, where she would watch him for a moment, grinning at his antics.

The moment he thought he caught a glance of the woman, he blinked, and she was gone. His held tilted to the side as he felt the tell tale cartridge of smokes in his left back pocket. With almost practiced ease, another slim cigarette was retrieved, lit and his lips once more. Returning the smokes to his pocket once more he took the time look over the empty store front. He couldnt tell much, but he assumed it be something other than food. That much he was sure of it. Aether puffed once and stepped closer, to peer into the glass. He was certain he had saw someone, a figure, a woman. His brow furrowed slightly, wondering if his mind decided to play a cruel game on him. He puffed once, and his close proximity of the glass made for a sight. The smoke blew back into his countenance, obscuring much inside for a moment.

Alana Ciel laughed, peering around the open doorway. He seemed relaxed, unhurried, a bit disheveled.. and definitely looking for something. She clung to the door frame, leaning out, flashed her best smile asking, “Hi there. Did you need something?” The cigarette smoke drifted towards her. She secretly breathed in a extra deep breath of it, enjoying the smell. It had been years since she quit, but the smell still comforted her somehow. Her her hand started to slip off the door frame as she leaning a little too far out. Awkwardly, she stumbled out onto the sidewalk, feeling foolish.

There! He wasnt going insane! That was his first thought as he heard the laughter. The sound came from a woman, and he was proven correct the moment her voice reached him. And the moment his eyes caught hers, as well as her smile.. He had stopped noticing all else. Clearing his throat, he began to speak, the woman’s own balance seemingly off as she tumbled out the door. Without a thought, he went to her, slipping a hand against her arms as if she would need steadying. “Just taking a walk..” He finally answered her, gripping her tightly for a moment. In his moment of hesitation when he first noticed the woman, had taken a careful scrutiny. And now? He stepped back, removing his hold along her. “Noticed the shop here.” The cigarette was removed and stepped on along the street. “Sorry if the smoke bothered you.” His hands took to waving the smoke from his face, and then could he return the smile she offered him.

Alana Ciel froze for a moment. His grip on her arm was an intrusion, even if he meant to help. It suddenly occured to her that he could be a mugger or something. Still… something in his eyes, barely perceived behind his glasses, had told her another story. She let out the breath she was holding when he let go of her, but her arm still felt his touch there. His smile made her laugh again, althout nervously this time. Stuffing her fingertips into her pockets, “Yeah… it’s new. I mean, it’s not open yet. I mean, yeah… obviously, there is nothing in it.” Blushing at her own idiocy, she waved her own hand around. “The smoke doesn’t bother me. The butt on the ground does though. Are you from around here?

The smile offered slipped along the edges, slightly, and slowly eased into a comfortable grin. He had noticed her discomfort the moment his grasp made contact with her, and had stepped back accordingly. He had no intentions of frightening her, in fact, he hadnt any intentions until 20 seconds ago. Clearing his throat, he kicked the smothered cigarette butt back behind him, and gestured with his hands towards the empty shop. “What are you selling?” He asked of the woman, and chuckled suddenly. “I’m Aether, by the way.” He caught sight of her blush and the comfortable grin melted into a knowing smirk. “..I’m usually hidng with the Red Velvet Club” He answered, “Though no, I am not from around here. Moved here a month ago.”

Alana Ciel stood there staring at him as he talked, hands in her pockets, his grin making her grin back. She had no idea what the Red Velvet club was, so just nodded as if it was common knowledge. There would always be time to find out later. A silent moment passed, staring and nodding, until she realized he had asked her something. Running her fingers through her hair, then flipping it back out of the way, she looked back at the store, then back to him, flustered, “Oh, I have a new clothing line coming out. Just casual, nothing special really. I’m new here, too, actually. I heard some developers are bringing this part of the city up a bit, so thought I’d get a spot before the rates go up. … what’s the Red Velvet?” Her hands shifting from the front pockets now to the back pockets. She leans casually against he door frame.

“I didnt catch your name..” His words trailing off into the air. He chuckled once more as she looked to an fro from the place behind her. “I wish you well in your business venture..” He began, stepping closer, the tension from before dissappating slowly. “I’ve seen the development you speak of, and I believe your store would give an incentive to a type of demographic..” He was certain she probably didnt expect him to have an ounce of business sense, and for some odd reason, the need to impress was clear to him. “It’s a… Dance club, though on a different pedestal than Shadows Fall.” A thought occurred to him. if she was new to the area.. She wouldnt know much about Shadows Fall, or of what exactly.. the community was fashioned of. “Have you been to Shadows Fall?”

AlanaCiel continued to lean there, one foot up behind her on the wall. His approach no longer worried her, she had decided she liked him, the moment he said “demographic”. Intelligent men turned her on, not to mention the grip he had on her earlier still lingered in her mind. There was something about this guy that was… different. She nodded at his answer. “I’ve heard of Shadows Fall. Never been in there, though.” It wasn’t the sort of place you just wandered into without a good friend or a date to watch your back. Her assumption was that the Red Velvet was just a regular night club then. That was more in her comfort zone. “When it the Velvet open? I’ll come by and get a drink one night”.

What had started to be a simple walk to clear his thoughts, was turning into something much more. That is, if the definition of much more were to include his wandering thoughts of her and him within the confines of Shadows Falls. His approach came to a stop, a couple of feet from her. “..Theyre throwing a party next Saturday night.. ” He began, “In fact, it would be a good time to show you around there.” Aether let the information settle quietly, his gaze exploring not only her physically beauty, though quietly imploring she got the subtle hint of his offer. “Although, having a nameless date would be a first me.” The smirk ever present along his. He ignored her last question, for the moment. He had plans for the ‘future’, as he would certainly take her up on the drink offer tonight if she were available. The noticeable *ding ding” sound of an approaching bicycle cause him to side step the swift moving messenger. His reaction sent his self pressing in even closer to the woman, her presence definitely known to him. Their height difference allowed him a momentary glance along her chest that was revealed. He didnt move, he didnt want to. “..Sorry” Was all that he offered, his chest pressed firmly in against her.
AlanaCiel bit her lower lip as she usually did when something confused her or she was in deep thought. He must have been talking about the Red Velvet having a party, unless he didn’t hear her last question right.. or was he? If he was talking about Shadows Fall, that would be whole different kind of party. The way he was looking at her though, made her think that’s what he meant. An unexpected rush of excitement passed through her at the thought of it, or maybe it was the way he was pressed up so close to her suddenly. It had happened so fast, the bike messager had gone nearly unnoticed. Just a faint “ding ding” rang in head as her nipples hardened against his chest. She reached up to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear, not moving and not pushing him away. Blushing again at her failure to tell him her name she looked away before turning her eyes up to his,grining “um.. I’m Alana. It’s nice to meet you.” She didn’t answer yes or no to his question. His presence and close proximity had her brain scrambled now.

The moment he came in close, his heart rate had increased. His breathing became calculated, and he maintained his cool. Cool, that was it, suave, cool. She hadnt made a move to push or even to side step, and he certainly couldve found a way to avoid pressing close. “Alana..” Her name sweet against his tongue. “A beautiful name for such an attractive woman..” Aether compared her reactions to his proximity, to a small creature. Not quite frightened, and yet unsure of what move to make next. “It’s been more than nice meeting you, Alana..” He couldnt help but say the name once more, his voice dropping low. “It’s been a pleasure.” He chuckled, chest rumbling against hers. Reaching forward, he pressed his hand into the wall, grateful for the solid touch. It grounded him to the here and now, as well as placing him in a ‘looming’ position over her. He cared not if passersby glanced their way, though he was certain some would recognize him as a Sir of Shadows Fall. “..The party, is at Shadows Fall.” He began, giving in to a sudden impulse, pressing his full form in against the woman. Somethng about her, drove him.. to a point where he needed more. In fact, took all that he possessed not to grip her by her hair and drag her off somewhere more discrete. “And as for drinks.. For you, the Red Velvet is open at any hour.”

AlanaCiel sucked in a breath as he bodly moved in against her. It was yet another intrusion, but it charged her with energy. Just moments ago this man had been a complete stranger and now she could feel his form against her, smell the cigarettes on his breath, and his voice… it was smooth and low, melting her like butter they way he said her name. What was wrong with her letting him move in her this way? But she couldn’t resist. Well.. she didn’t want to. Clearing her throat, she finally answered, looking down, “Any hour, huh? Ok, that’s good to know… ” biting her lip again, “Um.. sure, I’ll go the party… but I uh… I’ve never been in a place like that. I mean…” She didn’t know what to say anymore. It was all she could do to not slide out from between him and the wall and make a run for it. She waved her hands around for a moment before stuffing them back into her back pockets, the movement thrusting her forwards against him slightly more. There was just no other place to put them and she didn’t dare touch him, for some reason.

The tension in the air when they met mustve have known this was coming, as a tension settled in against frame. He wasnt moving. That much was certain, and the moment she bit her lip, his eyes darkened. “Ah.. Perhaps I’ll take you up on that drink tonight? And we could talk about the club.” He questioned, chest rising slowly. That was until she thrusted against him more. He stiffened, and not only in his frame. “Alana.. if I am making you uncomfortable?…” The last word trailing off. He musve been, he had only known the woman for all of ten minutes. Yet here he was, damn near about to eat her alive. He noticed she never made another move, and her hands found their respective place in her pockets once more. “It isnt my intention.”

AlanaCiel looked up at his face as he spoke, getting a good look at his mouth, his eyes better seen now behind the lenses he wore, the strong line of his jaw… She felt him stiffen against her and her own body reacted instantly, heat between her legs, her pulse racing. Alana knew full well it was indeed his intention to make her uncomfortable, and he was doing find job of it. What she was going to do about it was another story. Any other man she would have kneed in the groin by now and run away, but this guy had something… and she wanted to know what it was. Regaining her composure a bit, she licked her ips, “Tonight? Sure.. I can do that… I mean, I’d like that.” She hated herself for stammering like a fool. Looking directly into his eyes, she finally said, “You make me very uncomfortable, actually”. Then, smiling, she added, “but I think I like it”.

To be continued…

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