[SFs] We’re not in Kansas anymore…Pt. 2

Recent story with Alana Ciel within Shadow’s Fall. Shadows Fall is a Modern BDSM Sim with a relaxed atmosphere.  There you will find the home of Shadows Fall BDSM Club and other  venues to explore the D/s lifestyle.  It is an Adult BDSM Sim.  Please Read the Rules before exploring.


He chuckled as she stumbled over her words. Suddenly, he pushed back against it, forcing his body away from the woman. Instantly, her heat.. her warmth vanished as cold fingers of air embraced him. Aether really hadnt noticed how much he sought touch be there sudden moment of close proximity. With a jab of his thumb pointed behind him, “The Red Velvet, just down that road. The club doesnt open until 9pm.. But like I said earlier, come by any time.” His eys never leaving hers, “It’s a strip club, so believe me, Alana..” Her name slipping between his lips. He was certain there were a few more things he wanted to slip between his lips of hers. “..There are a few things that will make you uncomfortable.” Taking a step back, his hands found their way into his pockets this time, “..Though, perhaps coffee one morning at the cafe.. Really, anywhere.” His smile was obvious, and he hadnt hid his attraction to the woman. In fact, he embraced almost every facet. Though the real test would be to see her within Shadows Fall. Aether tended to be relaxed, and easy going outside of the club. Though there were certain… aspects of his personality that remained dominant, for the most part he was a scene Master. The moment he stepped within the walls of Shadows Fall, his demeanor changed into a primal sense, as if he were always on the hunt. And he was, a hunt for a submissive of his own. Shaking his head free of the thoughts, “…I’m free now..” He offered.

AlanaCiel felt the same rush of cold air as the wind swept down the narrow street between them. She fought back the urge to grab his coat and pull him back to her. What had gotten into her? This guy was a stranger! No one had dared invade her space that way for years. Instead, pushing off the wall with her foot, she took a step forward wrapping her own arms around her body for warmth. When he said the words “It’s a strip club” her jaw dropped slightly in surprise. She had already agreed to go, can’t back out now… but that’s going to be uncomfortable arlight. With a glance over her shoulder again at the empty store, she turned back to him and replied, “Coffee. Yeah, I can do that. That sounds good, actually” Maybe there would be an opportunity to back out of the date already made.
Her reactions were priceless. He could only imagine what thoughts would run through her mind if she ever saw his apartment, his bedroom actually. “..Come on then..” He stated, offering the crook of his arm. So what if the damn cafe was literally thirty steps to the right. “You can tell me more about the store.. and possibly more about you.” Aether wouldnt push the subject of the dance, or even of visiing the strip club. As hell would have it, he felt her surprise when he mentioned his business. More than likely she was already planning her devious escape.

AlanaCiel slipped an arm into his, welcoming the invitation to get warm again next to him. She had run out of the house without her coat again, only a scarf wrapped loosely around her neck kept the chill off. And besides, she couldn’t exactly refuse the offer, that would be rude, wouldn’t it? As they headed across the street she felt an odd pang of familiarity with him, as if they met somewhere before. It must have been the way he had intruded into her personal space so quickly. It was instant attraction, really, but she would deny it. Leaning in close to him as they walked she started to ramble, “The business? oh.. it’s just a small shop you know… just getting started… ”

Aether hid his smirk as she looped her arm into his. “..We can sit in side, you must be freezing..” He whispered in low against her ear. He noticed that she leaned in close as they began walking, and the knowing smirk returned once more. “Ladie’s first..” His hands coming to rest against hers as he pushed the shop’s doors open, and allowed her entry first. In the short moment it took for him to position himself out of the way, he couldnt help himself as his gaze traveled south. He caught a glimpse of her flesh beneath the scarf she wore, and brought his gaze once more to her face. “Freezing..” He mentioned again chuckling. “Pink any seat, Alana. I’ll be right back.”

AlanaCiel scooted into the booth out of the chilly doorway. His eyes glancing over her were not missed. She was well aware that her shirt had popped open again. The button on it had been sewed back on twice now.. she would throw it away when she got home. In the meantime, at least he was enjoying the view. Alana wasn’t innocent and tended to be flirtatious at times, but she wasn’t exactly overt in making advances towards to men either. But letting him look at her cleavage was harmless enough, and she liked the attention. She like his attention. His touch on her hands could still be felt even as she sat at the booth waiting. How did he do that? She turned them over in front of her, looking at them. Palms, backs, palms again, backs again. Shaking it off, she tried to think. He seemed like a gentleman. He has said “ladies first” after all. But a strip club? What kind of man worked at a place like that? Curiousity was getting the best of her now.
Aether entered in after her, watching as she settled into the closest booth. Approaching the counter of the small cafe, he offered a nod to the cashier. “Two coffees, creams and sugars on a tray?” He questioned, reaching into his back pocket, the one without the smokes. Paying for the items, he glanced back momentarily, catching a glimpse of her playing with her palms. Shaking his head with idle laughter, he thanked the cashier and came over to the booth. “..Coffee, cream, and sugar.. not sure how you like it..” Sliding the tray against the wood of the table. Those who knew Aether might have seen the slight pause of hesistation, and suddenly he slid in next to her instead of in front of. “..I prefer cream and sugar in mine, lots…” His words held a heat to them, as if he were referring to something else. The mugs were warm to the touch, and the liquid swirled before him as he added the sugar and cream.

AlanaCiel cupped her hands around the warm mug, leaning over to inhale the steam and delicous smell. The emphasis on the words sugar and cream stuck in her mind for a moment… what did he mean.. exactly? Whatever it was, the way he said made her turn to look at him. Flashing a friendly smile, her best networking tool, “I like mine black.” Taking a careful sip, she decided to ask questions, find out more about him. “So… the Red Velvet… You manage it?”

Aether laughed softly beside her as she retorted. “It’s a good thing I didnt put anything in yours then.” The liquid had cooled with the additions of cream sugar, enough that he could take a soothing sip. “Coffee.. You can sleep when youre dead..” His voice joking as he took another gulp. “Yes, though it is a recent acquisition of mine. The position was open, and I have the general qualifications needed for running a business like it.” Aether was well aware that it was her turn to ask the questions, though he was surprised she didnt object the moment he sat in close beside her. He obstructed a way for her to leave, and that was more than likely precisely the point. “I’ve a bachelor’s degree in business.” His fingers drummed along the warm mug, and angled his body to face her. In doing so, his leg pressed in against hers, and he sipped the cooling beverage again.

AlanaCiel laughed at his coffee joke, raising her mug in agreement. The calculations were made quickly: aquisition, experience + degree in business = must be a respectable… right? Something told her there was a puzzle peice missing but it sounded good. Just when she was letting her guard down, his leg pressed against hers, another invasion of personal territory. He was bold. A tingle of excitement ran up her leg as the moment called for either moving away to avoid him, or staying there, enjoying it. She looked at his face again, those lips that had been so close to hers just moments ago near her shop door. She leaned back, almost snuggling into him, against the booth. It was crazy, and dangerous, but she felt a thrill and wanted more. “and the girls dance… naked? or partially clothed?”

Her smile, there it was again. Warming him in more places than this coffee ever could. Her eyes glanced to his face, then to his lips. He couldnt help himself, and licked them slowly as he listened to her. And without any notice, she leaned in closer, her warmth and scent permeating his senses. “…There are prices..” He began, adjusting his arm so that it wrapped along the back of her, protective almost. In fact, he felt protective of her the moment her bad balance sent her toppling out of her store front. He chuckled at the thought, and squeezed her in closer. His body humming with the excitement, and his arousal growing heady as the innocent conversation went on. “Though, they dance at times with costumes that are removed during an event.” He sipped his coffee, clearing his mind from thoughts of her up on his stage, a private night for the two of them. “I have a big event planned in Januaury, a burlesque night.”

AlanaCiel felt her breath catch in her throat as his arm drew up around her. He was so warm, and he gave off a air of strength both frightened and comforted her at the same time. The talk of naked women, costumes coming off and burlesque dancers was heating her up. She couldn’t help it. It must be like those Carmen Electra excercise videos bought years ago, still in a box somewhere at her apartment. Feeling so warm now, she pulled off her scarf from around her neck and set it in the seat, fanning her self. “Wow they have the heat turned up in here don’t they?” So… what did he want with her, then? He must have every girl in the place wanting to go home with him after work. “Ah, that’s good to know, I could open my shop late that night and get some extra business from the foot traffic”


This cute little scene never had a conclusion. We faded to black and continued on with the story.

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