[SFs] We’re not in Kansas anymore…Pt. 4

Recent story with Alana Ciel within Shadow’s Fall. Shadows Fall is a Modern BDSM Sim with a relaxed atmosphere.  There you will find the home of Shadows Fall BDSM Club and other  venues to explore the D/s lifestyle.  It is an Adult BDSM Sim.  Please Read the Rules before exploring.


AlanaCiel blinked as he stepped away from her, as if she was waking up from a trance. Her body cooled off quickly as he wakled across the room. Plans? When did they make plans? He walked with such cool confidence and purpose… She watched him take her coat from the rack, a gentleman’s gesture which again surprised her. He wasn’t wrong about knowing she would follow his command to go to him. There wasn’t a woman alive that wouldn’t have. Well, she though, why not see what his plans were? The cool air outside would do her good anyway. Her lips still flushed from his kissed, she slipped her arms into the coat and pulled her long hair out from under it.

Aether could see the confusion in her features as she approached. “Yes, I made plans for us, Alana.” He added with a chuckle. Down along the sides of her coat, his hands did travel, enjoying the firmness beneath his touch. Finally, coming to the lapels of the jacket, a smirk eased about his features. He closed it upon the woman, almost as if he were dressing her. An intimate, moment passed, quietly as he made sure it would not blow open. “..We’re going a ways out of town.. Although, before we leave, I have something for you.” His words trailing off as he dipped a free hand into an inner pocket along his leather jacket. With it, a soft, though deep burgundy scarf was retrieved. He held it along his hands, his smirk held a hint of playfulness. “Do you trust me, Alana?” Even though it had been only a couple of days, he felt the insistant urge on protecting this woman. The urge grew more, and more, with each passing moment he spent in her company. With the arrival of the scarf, and her possible trust in losing one of her senses.. He knew it was only moments before his need to guide her, in ways she hadnt even imagined made it’s way to the surface. He still was unsure of her role among Shadow’s Fall.

AlanaCiel must have looked a deer in the headlights standing there just staring at him. His hands left a trail of tingles in the their wake, felt throug the coat, even as he closed it on her. She heard the words “a ways out of town” and watched him produce a scarf. Quickly her mind did calcuations again. Mananger of place + knows people in town = can’t be a kidnapper. Right? But what did trust have to do with a scarf? It was a pretty one, perhaps made of silk, she couldn’t tell in the dim light. She looked at his face, then to the scarf, back to his face… then reached out for the scarf, “yes, I trust you”, making that decision even as she spoke it.

“Put your hand down, then turn around.” His lips curling into an evil smile. He took note of her pause, the way she looked from him to the scarf in his hand, and back to him again. She was beautiful when caught of guard, and he couldnt wait to see her look of wonder she arrived at their destination.

AlanaCiel crinkled her brows together, really confused now, but she did as he said. It felt like playing Simon Says. He says come here, she does. He says put your hand down and turn around… She abandoned her grasp for the scarf, and turned around, back now facing him. He must mean to place it on her. Again, such a gentleman, not at all what she expected. “Where are we going?” she asked as she waited.

“Somewhere cold..” He teased, easing the scarf down along her features. Making sure the silken material covered all of her eye sight, he stepped around to assess her. The color of the scarf was striking against the tone of her skin. Her lips, still pink from the previous kiss. Again, she stirred something within him. Aether met her lips softly, as not to startle her. Stepping closer, he broke the kiss with a lick of her lips. “..Hold on to me.” Another command, no please given. Turning slowly he made his way out of the club and to the company car parked off to the left side. The keys jingled in his palm, the passenger side door opening. Pressing his palm against the curve of her back. “Tilt your head, and slide in, pet.” The warm endearment slipping from his lips.

AlanaCiel was suprised, needless to say, when the scarf was placed over her eyes and not around her neck. On any other given day, she would pulled it down or stopped him, or even shifted it with her hands so she could see slightly. But this was Simon Says, it was a game and it was fun and his kiss had left her mouth aching to be kissed again. She grinned, enjoying the playfulness of the moment, and simply let him tie it on. His footsteps were heard walking around her, and she could feel his warmth now in front of her. His gentle kiss and the lick of his lips was unexpected. Her whole body was alive with anticpation now. Reaching out for him she let him lead her out, the cold outside air blasting the parts of her face that weren’t covered. Even as he helped her into the car, she had a half smile. Half scared witless and half enjoying the thrill of a surprise. “…Pet?”. Alana had a way of asking one word questions when introduced to something new. She didn’t really need an answer, was already smiling at the endearing term.

“That is you…” He teased, kissing the top of her head before slipping through his door and into his seat. It felt like moments passed from leaving the Shadow Lands community and into a calm, peaceful area. Finally, they came to a place with little to no trees…Desolate almost, except a well worn path. “We walk from here..” Aether hopped from the car and opened her door. He grasped her hand, and ushered her from the car, and kept a steady hold of her. Indeed, the coat was grand idea. With no trees to break the bite of the wind, he shivered, and this time from the weather. “Walk with me a few steps..” He came to a stop just as he said he would, and stood before Alana.

Alana Ciel had become more nervous by the minute at they drove away from the club. She couldn’t see where there were going, she wouldn’t be able to get back on her own without a taxi if something went wrong. The further they drove, the more she cold hear and feel what was around her. The smell of the car, the sounds of the city gettign farther away. The stepped into a quiet area outside, onto gravel it felt like, no one else seemed to be nearby. Her heart was pouding, feet stepping carefully in whatever direction he led her. She had a death grip on his arm, afraid to let go. The cold wind whipped around them, so she huddled closer, “Where are we?”

Aether chuckled softly, coming to a quiet area, only the piano in view. “…Closer..” He whispered against her ear, pulling her flush against his body with the command. He nuzzled her gently against the neck before licking a small line against her flesh, tasting her. “..Beg me to remove the blindfold, Alana.” Aether’s hands found their way once more along her hips. Softly, faintly, the gentle keys of a piano could be heard.
AlanaCiel stepped forward when he pulled, thankful for the warmth of his body against hers. The whispered command to come closer so close to her ear, tongue sliding across her neck, made her shiver. But his instruction to beg for the blindfold off… sent a instant rush of heat searing through her. She stood here trying to process his request. Beg? Of course she wanted to know where they were, and why they where here, and who was playing a piano in the middle of nowhere. Actually, she wanted to know why the thought of begging to see it had just made her weak in the knees. “…” her mouth opened, ‘… will …” then almost whispered, her voice cracking, “will you please take the blindfold off?” then she smiled, like a child, “I want to see where we are”. When he didn’t answer right away she added, “… please?” placing her hands on his chest gently.

She warmed him from his toes to his chest where her hands rested gently. “Please…Sir..” He corrected, testing her limits. Not every woman would allow herself to be blindfolded, led to a remote area, and then..beg for the privilege of removing the blindfold. He’d been right on this one, she was submissive – Even if she didnt know it.

AlanaCiel hestitated, warm breath escaping her mouth as his words sunk in. She didn’t know what his game was, she didn’t know who he was hardly, and it was a crazy thing to come out here with a blindfold on, one that she could have easily removed herself. All she knew was this man made her feel like a small school girl and woman all at once. She bit her lip, still grinning playfully. “Please…” and then after a long pause, “… Sir?” still huddled close to him.

His fingers left the curve of her round bottom to remove the ends of the scarf, slowly, and sensually. “…Beautiful…” His one word audible for only her ears. “Good girl.” He praised and kissed her lips once. “…A winter wonderland for a beautiful woman.” He led her over to the lone tree, and gestured to the piano. An old man sat, playing a slow, haunting melody. “a secret winter wonderland, I should say..” He kissed her shoulder and squeezed her in close.

End of this scene.

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